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HETAS recommends that chimneys undergo an annual inspection and cleaning to ensure that your chimney is kept in good condition, fit and safe for purpose. Without regular cleaning, soot and creosote residue can build up, which is one of the major causes of chimney fires. It can also lead to damage, cracks and holes, which could reduce the extraction capabilities and allow hazardous gases and fumes to enter your home.

Here at Four Seasons Chimneys & Stoves, we can provide chimney sweeping services in Taunton, Somerset and the South West. We have years of experience with sweeping chimneys on various residential and commercial properties. Our team can handle all types and sizes of chimney sweeping jobs, including taking care of all the complexities and up to date regulations that are required nowadays.

Four Seasons Chimneys & Stoves delivers an HETAS registered service on all of our products and services offered. On top of being HETAS registered, we are members of various regulatory bodies including Sweep Safe. As a result, we can give our customers a professional yet safe and efficient services for all their needs.. As a result, we can give our customers a professional yet safe and efficient services for all their needs.

Need a hand? Please feel free to get in touch with our chimney sweep Taunton and Somerset and we will be happy to guide you through the entire process. From taking the measurements, fitting sizes to giving recommendations to ensure the stove is ‘in keeping’ with your property style. Alongside of stove installation we can also help with chimney sweeping and other chimney services.

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Chimney Sweeping Prices


  • Lined stoves and small open fires – from £60 Book now
  • Small Open Gas Fire – from £50 Book now
  • Large Original Openings/Inglenooks (solid fuel or gas) – from £75 Book now

* Please note standard sweeping does not include removal of nests, wildlife and other blockages from a chimney. See below for prices and other T&Cs*


  • Live bird/wildlife rescue – From £120
  • Bird’s Nest (Sept -Jan only) – From £150. All nest removals include  a CCTV inspection to confirm that the flue is clear of debris. See T&Cs below for details on gas fires, sweep access and fireplace location. Please note that, in accordance with the Wildlife & Countryside Act, it is an offence to destroy a live nest. As such, our policy is not to remove nests which are suspected of capable of being live between the months of February and August inclusive. Book now.
  • Chemical Tar Removal Service – From £250. This is a chemical treatment applied to a flue which has large deposits of tar or creosote. Removal of these deposits is essential as using the flue while in this state can cause a chimney fire. Tar and creosote must also be removed before fitting a liner. See T&Cs below for details on gas fires, sweep access and fireplace location.  Book now.
  • Hardened Soot Blockage – £130This is usually required when soot and tar has built up over a period of time and has resulted in a blocked flue and cannot be removed through the normal, standard sweeping process. Please note this is not applicable to bird nests, which is a separate service. Book now.


  • New Homeowner Inspection Service – From £120 Book now
  • Flue Integrity/Leakage Test – From £180. Book now

STOVE SERVICING (only available as part of a sweep)

  • Stove rope replacement (single door) – from £35
  • Stove rope replacement (double door) – from £45
  • Flue collar resealing – £15
  • Flue Debris Collar Supply & Fit – £25
  • Stove bricks – Prices vary depending on the manufacturer.


  • Carbon Monoxide Alarms – £25
  • Stove Pipe Thermometer – £10
  • Birdguards (supply and fit) – From £150

Pricing Terms & Conditions – Please Read Carefully

Inspection Fee – £40: In the event of being unable to sweep an appliance due to access issues, inappropriate installation or other hazards present, I reserve the right to charge a standard £40 Inspection Fee. This will include bespoke advice on the nature of the fault(s), suggested remedial actions and, where relevant, completion of appropriate documentation. 

Missed Appointment Fee – £40: A call-out fee of £40 will be applied if, upon arriving at an appointment, I am unable to gain access to a property for any reason. To reschedule or cancel appointments, please call 07583 565623 by noon the day beforehand.

Ladder/Loft Access Charge – From £20 upwards dependent on height/access Some flues require soot removal from the system by accessing a soot hatch either outside the property or in the loft space. Sometimes this is only available by use of a ladder. Price varies dependent on access and height required

Gas Fires – Some gas fires require disconnection before a flue serving a gas appliance can be swept. This must be undertaken by a Gas Safe registered engineer and is to be arranged by the customer at their own cost.

Flue and Fireplace Location/Height Charges: Fireplaces other than those on the ground floor will incur an additional charge of £10 per flue. Properties which are taller than 2 storeys in height will incur an additional fee of £10 per storey, per flue.

Preparation for the sweeping appointment: Appliances must not be used at all in the 24 hours leading up to an appointment. Please remove any ash/debris/other items from the fire grate so it is clear. I require a space of around 6ft in front of the fireplace, so please move any coffee tables/furniture and items from the hearth.

Payment is due at the end of each appointment. Card payments are preferred.


Your chimney will be inspected by a professional chimney sweep assessed to the national standards and registered with the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps.

All services are carried out in good faith; brief visual inspections are carried out of the appliance and chimney, but due to the concealed nature of chimneys and associated appliances, information should not be relied upon as a guarantee that the appliance and/or chimney are safe and/or free of faults or issues related to age, misuse, or poor installation.

The chimney sweep will assume unless otherwise told by the homeowner or the person allowing him/her entry into the property that the appliance is correctly and safely installed and is in a fit state to be swept.

If a fault occurs during sweeping, this is not the fault of the sweep; for a chimney and items connected to the installation to be considered fit for use, it must be in such condition that it can be safely cleaned and tested. If damage is caused during sweeping, this suggests an underlying fault which simply was exposed by the sweeping process.

Looking for a Chimney Sweep in Somerset?

How we work

To start with from the outside of your property we check the chimney stack. This enables us to ascertain the condition of the chimney pot and allows us to estimate the height of the chimney which will give us an idea as to how many rods will be required to reach the top.

We will also check to see if any cowls or bird guards are fitted as these will prevent the brush from exiting the chimney. Then inside your property in front of the fireplace or standalone stove, we initially lay plastic sheeting and follow this with a cloth sheet on top. This is to protect any carpets or flooring from dust and soot. Also, we will be happy to help move or cover any furniture and valuables in the close proximity.

Once this is done our chimney sweep visually inspect the inside of the fireplace and as far up the chimney stack as is humanly possible. We are then able to decide the type, thickness and size of brushes and rods to use to clean the chimney stack/flue.

We will then set about bringing in all the tools and chimney sweep equipment that we’ll need to sweep your chimney; chimney sweep brushes, chimney sweeping rods, industrial vacuum, etc. Once everything for the sweep is finalised, we sheet up and seal the actual fireplace or stove which prevents falling soot and dust from escaping into the room.


For regular chimneys with open fireplaces I use firm rods with large traditional brushes, however for stoves and liners, flexible rods and smaller brushes are used to sweep. With the brush fitted to the first rod, and the industrial vacuum in place and turned on, we start to sweep the chimney.

We’ll continually work the brush and add rods as it reaches the top of the stack/flue. We then reverse the operation and lower the brush down removing one rod at a time, repeating this procedure as many times as is required.

When the chimney sweep feels sure that no more soot is falling and that the chimney is thoroughly clean they’ll stop sweeping and carefully remove the rods and brush. The vacuum will have caught a lot of the soot as it falls, however most debris will have collected on the fireplace hearth or on the bottom of the stove.

We then use the vacuum to clean the area and pride myself in leaving your fireplace spotless. Prior to removing the seal and coverings we will inspect the inside of the fireplace and stack, or stove and liner to ensure that all is clean. With the sweep complete and all kit removed we then provide you with a chimney sweeping certificate which details the work completed and any issues or problems that have become evident from my sweep.

If you use a combustible appliance most insurance companies require proof of at least an annual sweep. It is also a common and responsible duty of either landlord or tenants depending on contract. We are always keen to advise and willing to offer hints and tips. Four Seasons Chimneys & Stoves pride ourselves on being very thorough and very tidy, leaving you with no mess.

You are now free to sit back and enjoy your fire content in the knowledge that all is clean, safe and working efficiently.

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